I'm Aditya Relangi.

This is my website.

Look around. I write sometimes. Maybe it'll interest you, maybe not. You can also take a look at the projects I work on.



lgbtq.in is a well designed single page website that is built to bring about awareness among the polity of India to make same-sex marriage legal. You can find the source code at Github.


Mark-n-Map is a mapping application where you can mark the places on a map, add notes to the places. One can create multiple maps with different themes. The idea is to maintain a database of places in an easy to edit format. This is still a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute on Github.

Peek a Tale

Peek a tale is a reimagining of the design for Terribly Tiny Tales, a 140 character story project. You can access the code for this project at Github. Disclosure: I have no association with Terribly Tiny Tales.

Code 1 - First National Bank

Took first place at a coding competition put on by First National Bank, with my teammates Preston Badeer and Sourab Chakraborty. We created a Feedback and Crowdsourcing application with feature testing (labs), gamification, admin features, mobile compatibility, user comments, user revisions, company promotions, and more.

Nebraska Software Builders Challenge - 2013

Won first place at the Nebraska Software Builders Challenge 2013 organized by Agilx Software. Built a web based application that allows a farmer to check on the status of their pivot from any internet connected device. Participants were given sample data outputs from the pivot for the competition such as On/Off, forward/reverse, wet/dry as well as weather data that effects evaporation loss and optimum soil soak.


Tworldy is a mashup application that tracks the trending topics on twitter. It utilizes the Twitter API and Google maps to display the top ten trending topics at a location. Pulls in data for about 400 locations. This is bulit using PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript.


I am working with a bunch of my friends on this project.The e-commerce market in India is at an exciting phase right now and we wish to be at the right place when it blooms. In this project we aim to provide the user with best price from the myriad e-commerce websites by weighing in various factors, we wil be mining data to catch trends.


Applied software product line techniques to represent the variability in databases, extended the notation of the existing models, extended the eclipse plugin ERMaster to support variability in databases. The entire application was built with JAXB library in Java. This was a semester long project for the course Advanced software architecture.


Developed an application to track, count the pedestrians at an intersection from traffic cam videos. The application worked with an accuracy of 93%. The application was built in Matlab using image-processing techniques to identify and track the pedestrian. This was built as a project for the course computer vision.