I work at a bank building products.

I get to work on things like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchains(lucky, right?).

I ocassionally speak at tech conferences and sometimes write.



Akira is a virtual assistant that understands natural language queries.

Akira integrates several data sources to provide information and to track and execute repetitive tasks.

It's a work in progress.


Granda is a self hosted serverless framework written in Go.

It uses Docker as the container engine and a Golang web server to manage the state.

It is written with the idea of demystifying how serverless platforms work.

Akira Finance

Akira Finance is part of Akira, it's an application to track the income and expenditure .

It interfaces directly with the user's bank accounts and visualizes the expenditure data.

It also supports an sms bot to perform a specific set of functions.

And more...

Apart from the select few listed above, I also work on a bunch of other projects.

That's a lot about me.