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Book Review - The Martian

Wow, what a book! Amazing. Loved it all the way through. The pace never slackened, the plot never boring. Andy Weir pulled off a stunner. This book had me at Mars and it had me again at stranded alone on Mars.

The comic quotient is amazing. Absolutely hilarious. The author doesn’t dwell on the barren landscape. It is very easy to get dragged into describing the planet’s landscape in a modern day Robinson Crusoe, Andy Weir doesn’t let that happen. There’s just enough information to get an accurate view and the rest can be filled up by your imaginative brain.

If anything, that the book is guilty of making extremely complex procedures sound simple. Especially harnessing water from the hydrazine. Of course, there is an explosion but the consequences are fairly small. I guess anything serious would have to be near fatal. Hey, I’m not complaining, just saying.

By two thirds of the novel, you kind of know that Watney is going to survive. He’s resourceful, so is the rest of humanity. Especially with the chinese pitching in and the crew choosing to travel back to Mars. Just when you think every thing is set, Watney does an innocuos thing that turns out to be quite catastrophic. Beautiful writing I should say. The author presents just the right window to communicate and co-ordinate with earth to prepare for evacuation and once the use by date of the window has passed, he smartly shuts it down until the next phase.

The ending is a bit stretched on science and too risky to succeed. Hey, but when duct tape can hold things in space anything is possible. Finally, what I want to say is, this book is excellent, just go read it and I’m gonna end this with one of my favorite Watney quotes

WATNEY: Look! A pair of boobs! -> (.Y.)

P.S: Alright, It’s eons since I wrote a book review. Thanks for bearing with me. If you think the book is bad based on my review it’s my fault not the book’s. To be honest, I can’t recommend this book enough. If I have a truckload of money and Andy Weir were my brother I’d just give the book to everyone for free. Promise. It’s that good.