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Change Data Capture --> Kafka --> Go Consumer --> Apache Ignite --> Zeppelin

Setting up a realtime reporting framework with MySQL, Kafka Connect, Apache Kafka, Golang Consumer, Apache Ignite, Apache Zeppelin

Kafka, Zookeeper on Docker, consuming from Go program in Docker

Get IP

ipconfig getifaddr en0


Run Zookeeper

docker run -d --name zookeeper -p 2181:2181 jplock/zookeeper

Run Kafka

docker run -d --name kafka -p 7203:7203 -p 9092:9092 -e KAFKA_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME= -e ZOOKEEPER_IP= ches/kafka

Create Topic

docker run --rm ches/kafka --create --topic senz --replication-factor 1 --partitions 1 --zookeeper

List Topics

docker run --rm ches/kafka --list --zookeeper

Create Publisher

docker run --rm --interactive ches/kafka --topic senz --broker-list


kafka-console-producer --topic senz --broker-list

Create Consumer

docker run --rm ches/kafka --topic senz --from-beginning --zookeeper

Build Golang Docker consumer

cd /repos/irl/consumer
docker build --tag zexyphantom/conzumer:1.0 .

Run Golang Docker Consumer

docker run -it --name conzumer zexyphantom/conzumer:1.0


Start Zookeeper

docker run -it --rm --name zookeeper -p 2181:2181 -p 2888:2888 -p 3888:3888 debezium/zookeeper:0.8

Start Kafka

docker run -it --rm --name kafka -p 9092:9092 --link zookeeper:zookeeper debezium/kafka:0.8

Start MySQL

docker run -it --rm --name mysql -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=debezium -e MYSQL_USER=mysqluser -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=mysqlpw debezium/example-mysql:0.8

Start Kafka Connect

docker run -it --rm --name connect -p 8083:8083 -e GROUP_ID=1 -e CONFIG_STORAGE_TOPIC=my_connect_configs -e OFFSET_STORAGE_TOPIC=my_connect_offsets --link zookeeper:zookeeper --link kafka:kafka --link mysql:mysql debezium/connect:0.8

Activate the connector

curl -X POST \
  http://localhost:8083/connectors/ \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'Postman-Token: 53a55b1b-eb22-49f3-8fbf-a80d485ff348' \
  -d '{ "name": "inventory-connector", "config": { "connector.class": "io.debezium.connector.mysql.MySqlConnector", "tasks.max": "1", "database.hostname": "mysql", "database.port": "3306", "database.user": "debezium", "database.password": "dbz", "": "184054", "": "dbserver1", "database.whitelist": "inventory", "database.history.kafka.bootstrap.servers": "kafka:9092", "database.history.kafka.topic": "dbhistory.inventory" } }'
  or in Postman call `localhost:8083/connectors/`
  { "name": "inventory-connector", "config": { "connector.class": "io.debezium.connector.mysql.MySqlConnector", "tasks.max": "1", "database.hostname": "mysql", "database.port": "3306", "database.user": "debezium", "database.password": "dbz", "": "184054", "": "dbserver1", "database.whitelist": "inventory", "database.history.kafka.bootstrap.servers": "kafka:9092", "database.history.kafka.topic": "dbhistory.inventory" } }

### Start Ignite

/repos/ignite-go-client/testdata rm -rf /repos/apache-ignite-fabric-2.6.0-bin/work/ && /repos/apache-ignite-fabric-2.6.0-bin/bin/ ./custom-realtime.xml ```

Activate Ignite

cd /repos/apache-ignite-fabric-2.6.0-bin/bin
./ --activate --user ignite --password ignite

Start Zeppelin

./ start

Start Docker Consumer

docker run --rm --name rtconz   zexyphantom/conzumer

Stop Docker Containers

docker stop rtconz connect mysql kafka zookeeper