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2015 - Looking Ahead!

Welcome to yet another year. 2014 was transformative for me. I’m hoping to continue what I started in 2014, the groundwork has been laid, now I just need to stick to the plan and execute it.

I’m afraid this is going to sound like a resolution post which would be the most clichéd thing to write on the first of a year. I’m coming back to writing after quite a long lull. Probably to continuous writing after around 8 years. Please bear with me as I try to improve presenting my thoughts.

One of the major reasons I started writing again is that writing requires clarity of thought and it is better to have my ideas and thoughts written somewhere so that I can come back later and learn from the past. Not just that, but writing requires discipline. It forces me to make a plan, set a time, formulate my thoughts, to know the proper vocabulary to express. Just reading at what I’ve written in this draft makes me feel bad. I hope that making a habit out of this will improve my writing over time and when I come back to this in an year, I’ll be able to see a clear improvement.

So, what will I be writing here? Right now, it will be about the things I read, listen and learn. Some of the things I can think of right now are software engineering, web and mobile development, algorithms, data structures, machine learning. I will also be writing about history here; not limited to any period or region, it will mostly be about anything I come across. I am interested in seeing how varied it will be, the more I write. Another major chunk of the posts I can envisage is book reviews, I’ve read more than 52 books last year, one for each week. For this year I’m gonna take a different approach and read much fewer books, but these will be bigger and better quality wise. The one and the most important distinction will be that I won’t consider a book completed unless I write a review for it. Maybe I shouldn’t call them reviews, synopsis sounds like a better word for what I intend to do but let’s wait on the naming until I write a few. A final part of what I would like to write about is startups. Some of it learned, some of it through experience.

So that’s it folks. My high level plan for writing this year. Until next time. Ciao.