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2017 - Looking Ahead

Another year passes by, and here’s what I hope to work on this year.


  1. Always think before I eat. Am I hungry? Does this have sugar? Is this processed? Does this fit into my diet plan?
  2. Measure and track my weight everyday.
  3. I cannot miss a workout.
  4. Complete 8 cycles of all pro workout program.
  5. For the first 6 months, spend an hour doing cardio.


  1. Spend an hour everyday on programming.(work hours do not count)
  2. Finish the projects started last year.

Reading & Writing

  1. Spend two hours a week on writing.
  2. Read at least a page a day.


  1. Bring down the debt to less than a month’s salary by the end of the year.
  2. Track the money being spent closely.


  1. For anything I committed to, I cannot skip it until after I finish the task and re-evaluate.
  2. Listen more.

And finally, I want to accomplish the following tangible things in 2017

  1. Give a tech talk
  2. Complete the algorithms course on Coursera.
  3. Be proficient in 3 new programming languages.
  4. Run a half marathon in under 131 minutes.
  5. Run 600 miles this year.