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Getting fit with Go

This is a lightning talk I gave at Golang DFW meetup. The talk is about hacking an Amazon Dash button using libpcap and the gopacket library and using a raspberry pi to capture the clicks. The idea of the talk is to make sure that I work out every day and whenever I do, I have to press the amazon dash button. On the days I fail to an embarassing tweet is made on my timeline by the program.

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Building a Self-hosted Serverless System from Scratch

This is a presentation I gave at Devops Days Austin. The objective of the talk is to demystify how serverless systems work; in the process I built a barebones serverless framework Granda that can run functions defined by users on certain invocations. The framework is built using Golang and Docker. In this talk, we define what serverless is, what components make a serverless system and build the system from scratch. The code is available on Github

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Understanding Consensus Using Go

This is a talk I gave at Kansas City Developer Conference. The talk centers on Consensus in a Distributed System, what it means, how it is achieved, what are some common pitfalls to the solution of the consensus problem. We explore various solutions to the consensus problem and look at the failure scenarios and ultimately explain Paxos and how it satisfies all the conditions for a solution to the consensus problem. We do this by introducing Go's concurrency primitives to build these solutions.

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